DBZS-370 Label Finishing Machine [Full-Servo Driven]

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This innovative machine combines the power of 2 flexo printing units, 2 semi-rotary die-cut units, and 1 slitting unit to deliver exceptional results. It‘s specifically engineered to meet the demands of the packaging industry, providing seamless integration into your production line and enabling efficient and high-quality label finishing....

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  • Consists of 4 main workstations and 2 additional workstations
  • All functional modules can be customized by users, and functional modules can also be modified or added after being put into production.
  • The whole machine is driven by servo motor, and the unprecedented processing speed and processing accuracy are provided by servo motors imported from Germany;
  • The circuit and pneumatic system of the whole machine are highly integrated, requiring only one employee to operate a PLC controller.






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