SAC-350 Automatic Non-Stop Turret Rewinding Machine

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FEATURES1. Smart design, almost meet all customer request.2. Refind process, wit...

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1. Smart design, almost meet all customer request.

2. Refind process, without specialized training to operate.

3. Stable tension control system, with piecewise tension coupling method.

4. 100% success connect paper.

5. Automatic unwinding three kinds of die cutting arbitrary choice: manual unwinding mode, winding diameter setting mode and length setting mode.

6. Automatic rewinding with EPC function (Web guide). A sensor monitors the position of the running web, and the automatic sidelay system compensates to insure that the webs are aligned at the time of a splice.

7. The laser positioning paper edge material is aligned.

8. Automatic roll sidelay for use with opaque and transparent webs.

9. Reliable rolling shear rewinding unit. The precision shear wheel and anvil mechanism guarantees a clean cut.

10. Automatic Pre-speed connect paper.

11. Manual unloading part at any time. When cut the material and connect the new roller than unloading the next old roller product.



1. DABA automatic unwinding and rewinding system ensures nonstop feeding and winding for web materials to printing and converting machinery. This state of the art system provides a fully integrated package that maintains non-stop production with no impact to the printing or converting process and save energy protect environment.

2. High work speed ( Our machine adapt to 100m/min to 180m/min work speed )

3. Continuous Production ( Without our machine 24 hours only 13-15 hours in production; with our machine almost 24 hours in production, increase your 30%-50% production capacity )

4. Reduced material waste ( Without our machine if stop Unit flexo printing machine 1 time need waste 50m-100m material; with our machine only waste 2-3m material and so you can produce more label with same 2000m material and so you can get more price competition! If you work a day with our machine you can save 1.5-2 roll 2000m material.)

5. Reliable splicing ( Our machine use stable tension control system, with piecewise tension coupling method; Positive and negative sides of the tape; EPC function; Laser positioning paper edge material aligned etc ensure automatic paper splicing 100% success! )

6. Less downtime ( Without our machine 2000m material printing machine work 30mins need change another material and need stop waste 8-12 mins, almost waste 20% machine work time; With our machine Non-Stop! Time is money, most improve your production! )

7. With our machine save 20% electricity and protect environment.

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