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A high-performance, versatile machine designed for label manufacturing and post-processing. Whether you're in label printing, packaging, or other industries, our Label Finishing Machine will be your ideal choice. Its advanced technology, exquisite craftsmanship, and outstanding performance will drive efficient production and excellent product quality.


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Flexo Printing
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Key Features & Benefits

Our Label Finishing Machine supports functions like cold stamping, varnishing, laminating, and printing, offering you more creative and application possibilities.


With a maximum mechanical speed of 120m/min, ensure your production line runs efficiently, boosting productivity.

High-Speed Operation
Precision Positioning

Incorporating color sensor technology, achieve precise adhesive die-cutting, cold stamping, and more, minimizing errors.

Reliability Assurance

Our Label Finishing Machine conforms to CE safety regulations, with all circuits using dual-channel safety switches continuously monitored by certified safety relays.

Technical Specifications

Max. Web Width370mm (14.57")470mm(18.50")550mm(21.65")
Max. Unwind Diameter800mm (31.50")

Max. Flexo Printing Width350mm (13.78")450mm(17.72")530mm(20.87")
Max. Die Cutting Width350mm (13.78")450mm(17.72")530mm(20.87")
Full Rotary Max. Mechanical Speed120m/min

Semi-rotary Die Cutting Speed60m/min

Max. Flexo Printing Speed60m/min

Adhesive Die Cutting Precision Accuracy (cut 1st layer)±0.15mm

Die-cutting Precision Accuracy (cut totally)±0.25mm

Power Consumption19-21kW

Rating Voltage380V 50Hz

Machine Weight3200kgs

Suitable for Those Industries

  • Label Printing Industry
    The primary application field for label finishing machines is the label printing industry. These machines play a pivotal role in creating high-quality labels with precise cutting, printing, and finishing processes. They are used for producing product labels, packaging labels, barcode labels, and more.
  • Packaging Industry
    Label finishing machines have a crucial role in the packaging industry, ensuring accurate label cutting, laminating, and die-cutting. They ensure labels adhere perfectly to packaging materials, enhancing overall packaging appearance and functionality.
  • Pharmaceuticals
    In the pharmaceutical sector, label finishing machines are used to create pharmaceutical labels with crucial information like dosage instructions names, and expiration dates. These labels require high accuracy and quality, which label finishing machines can provide.
  • Food and Beverage
    Food and beverage products often require labels that are durable, moisture-resistant, and compliant with regulatory standards. 
  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
    Beauty and cosmetic products rely on attractive and eye-catching labels to capture consumer attention.
  • Industrial Manufacturing
    These labels often need to withstand harsh conditions and adhere securely to various surfaces.


Paper Packaging
Liquid Plastic Packaging
Medical Labels
Industry Labels
Brand Labels

Main Processed Materials


Including coated paper, uncoated paper, kraft paper, and specialty papers. These materials are commonly used for label production in industries such as packaging, retail, and more.


Different types of films, such as polyester (PET), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), and vinyl, can be processed by label finishing machines. Films are chosen for their durability, water-resistance, and suitability for various labeling needs.

Adhesive Materials

Such as pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), hot melt adhesives, and acrylic adhesives. These materials are crucial for ensuring labels adhere securely to various surfaces.

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials like synthetic paper and synthetic labels are commonly used for labels that need to withstand challenging environments, such as exposure to moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.


Foil labels with metallic or holographic finishes can be processed by label finishing machines. Foil adds a premium and decorative touch to labels, making them stand out.


Laminates combine multiple layers of materials, providing labels with enhanced durability, protection, and visual appeal. Label finishing machines can handle laminated materials effectively.

Specialty Materials

Label finishing machines can be equipped to process specialty materials, such as security labels with holographic features, tamper-evident materials, and RFID labels for tracking purposes.

Standard Units

Feeding System
Introducing the raw material roll into the machine.It often includes tension control devices to maintain stable tension throughout the processing.
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Responsible for .
Printing Unit
Responsible for adding printing content to the labels
Die Cutting Unit
Cutting the labels into specific shapes, sizes, and patterns.
Slitting Unit
Inspect the quality, accuracy, and integrity of labels, as well as to calibrate the processing for consistency.
Wast Removel
Automated waste removal reduces labor costs as it eliminates the need for manual intervention in waste identification and removal processes.

Option Units

Adjustable Bottom Rollers

This optional device allows operators to adjust the position and pressure of the bottom rollers based on different materials and processing requirements. It ensures consistent processing results on various label materials.

Die-Cutting Pressure Indicator

This device is used to monitor the pressure during die-cutting. Operators can adjust the die-cutting pressure based on the indicator readings to achieve accurate cutting effects.

Crush waste removal

The waste removal device helps effectively clear the waste generated during slitting or die-cutting processes.

Automatic Knife Adjustment

This optional device enables the machine to automatically adjust the position of the cutting tool in auto mode. It adapts to different label sizes and shapes, ensuring precise cutting and enhancing production efficiency.

Reverse Side Printing

This feature allows printing on the reverse side of labels, increasing information capacity and providing additional space for branding and information display.


Cold Foil Stamping

The cold foil stamping device applies cold foil to labels, giving them a metallic appearance and enhancing their decorative effects.

Corona Treater

The corona treater device is used to increase the surface tension of label materials, facilitating processes like printing and coating by improving print quality and adhesion.

Dust Removal System

This system clears dust and impurities from the surface of label materials, ensuring smooth processing in printing, coating, and other finishing processes, reducing potential defects.

Machine Model


Doubel Flexo Printing Finishing machine

One more flexo printing unit


Doubel Printing and Die-Cutting Finishing machine

One more flexo printing unit and one more die-cutting unit


The New Label Finishing machine

More flexible, mobile integration modules.

  • Q
    What should we charge for your engineer?
    You should charge for the cost of our engineer's visa , air tickets, hotel, food ,and also their salary 100USD one day per person.
  • Q
    How many worker do we need running those machines?
    For flexo printing, slitting, die-cutting machine, only need one person for each.
  • Q
    How could we do if the parts broken within warranty?
    We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.
  • Q
    How could we do after one year warranty period?
    We also can do service for you, however, if require overseas service, you need pay salary to our technician 100 USD/day.
  • Q
    How long is your machine's warranty period?
    All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation.
  • Q
    How many days will you finish installing ?
    We will finish installation and training within 15 days.
  • Q
    Terms of payment?
    We accept T/T, 30% in advance and 70% balanced against B/L copy. We accept L/C at sight. We accept Cash.
  • Q
    What's your delivery date?
    Usually finish the production within 30days after your 30% advanced payment, actually need to check according our stock & production plan.

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