Label Converting Machines
Features and Benefits

Flexo Printing Units
With our label finishing machine, you can achieve vibrant and precise printing results, thanks to the 2 flexo printing units. This allows for the accurate reproduction of colors and intricate designs, ensuring that your labels stand out on the shelves and capture the attention of customers.
Semi-Rotary Die-cut Units
The 2 semi-rotary die-cut units offer unparalleled cutting accuracy and speed. They can handle a wide range of label shapes and sizes, giving you the flexibility to meet diverse customer requirements. The precise die-cutting process ensures clean and sharp edges, enhancing the overall appearance of your labels.
Slitting Unit
To further optimize your production process, our machine is equipped with a slitting unit that enables efficient and precise label slitting. This ensures that your labels are neatly cut and ready for application, eliminating waste and improving productivity.
The combination of these units in a single machine provides a comprehensive and streamlined label finishing solution. By reducing production time, enhancing quality, and improving efficiency, our label finishing machine helps you stay ahead in a competitive market.
Technical Specifications
Max. Web Width370mm (14.57")470mm(18.50")550mm(21.65")
Max. Unwind Diameter800mm (31.50")

Max. Flexo Printing Width350mm (13.78")450mm(17.72")530mm(20.87")
Max. Die Cutting Width350mm (13.78")450mm(17.72")530mm(20.87")
Full Rotary Max. Mechanical Speed120m/min

Semi-rotary Die Cutting Speed60m/min

Max. Flexo Printing Speed60m/min

Adhesive Die Cutting Precision Accuracy (cut 1st layer)±0.15mm

Die-cutting Precision Accuracy (cut totally)±0.25mm

Power Consumption19-21kW

Rating Voltage380V 50Hz

Machine Weight3200kgs

Application Areas

Our label finishing machine finds wide application in various industries that require high-quality label printing and finishing.

Food Packaging

Our machine is well-suited for food packaging companies that need attractive and informative labels for their products. It ensures precise printing, accurate die-cutting, and efficient slitting, resulting in visually appealing labels that meet food safety standards.

Beverage Industry

Beverage manufacturers can benefit from our label finishing machine to create eye-catching labels for their bottles, cans, and packaging. The machine's flexo printing units deliver vibrant colors and intricate designs, while the die-cut and slitting units ensure precise and consistent label shapes.

Pharmaceutical Packaging

The pharmaceutical industry requires labels that comply with strict regulatory standards. Our machine offers the precision and accuracy needed to produce labels with essential information such as dosage, warnings, and batch numbers. It enables pharmaceutical companies to maintain product integrity and safety.

Cosmetics and Personal Care

In the cosmetics and personal care industry, labels play a crucial role in product branding and differentiation. Our label finishing machine enables the creation of visually appealing labels with premium finishes, ensuring that your products stand out on the shelves and attract customers.

Product Branding and Promotions

From household products to electronics, our machine caters to various industries that rely on effective labeling for branding and promotions. It allows for the production of labels with stunning graphics, vibrant colors, and unique shapes, helping businesses create a strong visual identity for their products.

Custom Label Production

Our machine is highly versatile and can accommodate custom label production requirements. Whether it's special shapes, sizes, or intricate designs, the flexo printing, die-cut, and slitting units offer the flexibility to meet specific customer demands.

These are just a few examples of the application areas where our label finishing machine excels. Its advanced features, precision, and efficiency make it a valuable asset for companies seeking to enhance their label printing and finishing processes. Contact us to explore how our machine can cater to your specific industry needs and take your label production to the next level.
Customer Testimonials

PANG Foods

"We have been using the label finishing machine from DABA Machinery for several years now, and we are extremely satisfied with its performance. The machine has significantly improved our label printing and finishing process, allowing us to produce high-quality labels for our food products. The flexo printing units deliver vibrant colors, and the die-cut and slitting units ensure precise cutting and consistent label shapes. It has helped us enhance our product packaging and attract more customers. We highly recommend Daba Machinery for their excellent machinery."

Finder Beverages

"We recently invested in the label finishing machine provided by Daba Machinery, and we are thrilled with the results. The machine's capabilities have revolutionized our label production process. The flexo printing units allow us to create visually stunning labels that perfectly represent our brand. The semi-rotary die-cut units ensure accurate and clean cuts, while the slitting unit enables efficient production and packaging. The machine's performance and reliability have exceeded our expectations, and we are delighted to have partnered with Daba Machinery for our label finishing needs."

Canada Ed Pharmaceuticals

"We are extremely impressed with the label finishing machine supplied by DABA form China. As a pharmaceutical company, it is crucial for us to have labels that comply with strict regulatory standards. This machine has helped us achieve precisely that. The flexo printing units deliver sharp and legible text, and the die-cutting and slitting units ensure consistent label shapes and sizes. The machine's user-friendly interface and efficient operation have greatly improved our labeling process. We highly recommend DABA Machinery for their top-quality machinery and exceptional customer service."

IQueen Cosmetics

"The label finishing machine from Daba Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been a game-changer for our cosmetic products. It allows us to create stunning labels with premium finishes that reflect the high-quality nature of our brand. The flexibility of the machine's die-cutting capabilities has enabled us to experiment with unique label shapes and sizes, giving our products a distinctive look on the market. We are grateful for Daba Machinery Co.,Ltd.'s innovative machinery and their commitment to providing exceptional solutions for label production."
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These testimonials showcase the positive experiences of our valued customers who have benefited from using our label finishing machine. We take pride in delivering top-quality machinery and excellent customer service to ensure the success of our clients' label printing and finishing operations. Contact us today to learn more about how our machine can meet your specific requirements and contribute to the growth of your business.
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