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Daba printing machine full rotation modular series of printing machines shine at the Shanghai all Printing Exhibition  

The biennial China International All India Exhibition ,At the Shanghai New International Expo Center .The biggest names in the world's printing industry are here publish the most advanced technology and unique valuable views of the printing industry .And because of that, we can see it  where the pace of human progress has gone .


China International Printing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China International Printing Exhibition) is one of the most influential professional exhibitions in China's printing industry.  It has been successfully held for six years.  For more than ten years, it has been focusing on hot new technologies in the world printing industry, not only building an exhibition platform for global printing enterprises, promoting trade between supply and demand;  At the same time, it also provides international high-end communication opportunities for industry professionals, and promotes the exchange and dissemination of new technologies. It is known as "the eastern eye of the world printing industry".  

As an industry veteran in the field of printing equipment manufacturing for more than 60 years providing more than 15,000 printers/time to domestic and foreign customers, DBA press new web series, extended new models with more than 1100 exhibitors on the same stage and 100,000 professionals to witness the innovation of this era.  

Those who did not come to the scene will follow us to have a tour  

E6 hall no. 3, Door No. 8 extension channel directly to the big Printer booth 

Approached the exhibition hall , Printing machine repair dexterous posture,  The design of tensioned shape and smooth lines,  Pragmatists' aesthetic ability to simplify complexity is evident.  

As a brand new full rotary machine press,  In addition to 320 and 420 formats to meet the needs of different customers,  Moreover, we have the first shared platform technology and flexible online combination to meet different terminal needs.  Ensure the printing effect, extraordinary.  Intelligent control, taking into account machine stability and reliability,  The future is full of freewheeling control.  

Design from customers for the end product source is relatively stable, the process is relatively single, there is no combined process demand, the R & D team tailored for users to create a combined printing solution, DBLC-JR320 was born.  Production Angle as the starting point, practical as the principle, to ensure the production efficiency and printing quality of the principle, the purchase of machine budget straight down 50 percentage points.  More customers need to add new process planning foundation in the future, only need to increase the color group can be completed upgrading, everything in the original equipment for retrofitting and transformation, there is no need to spend a huge cost to buy a whole set of equipment, cost-effective can be called the first in the industry.  

Dblc-jr320 is equipped with automatic overprinting and reservation system, which reduces the dependence on operators on the basis of ensuring high precision overprinting.  Lightweight sleeve roller makes replacement easy  Using heavy offset printing machine ink separation design ideas, fine printing, so that offset printing level more delicate.  Based on offset printing, flexographic printing can realize reverse glazing, local glazing, seamless glazing, cold stamping, laminating and other combined processes, is the ideal model for printing daily chemical labels, food labels, anti-counterfeiting labels.  

Understand what customers think, in order to be recognized by customers  Facing a time of rapid change  with an intelligent vision, explore the road ahead and understand the trend  to control the situation and create new achievements  

Year mill a sword, 300mm~600mm full rotation full servo shaftless multi-functional combined printing machine, multiple printing methods share the platform, double the effect, half the budget!  

• Double efficiency:  

• The coexistence and random switching of various printing methods such as adhesive, flexible and silk screen printing can be realized on the same equipment.  

• Any color group to complete the integration of rubber, soft, silk screen printing, making offset printing color level exquisite, flexo printing color rich and gorgeous, silk screen color accumulation, at will on the same printing concentrated show.  

• Full rotary model, stable operation, no reciprocating movement, the tension requirements for the substrate is not high, suitable for adhesive, cardboard, copper sheet paper, sponge paper, plastic film, aluminized paper, washing cloth and most of the substrate printing, substrate thickness can be 0.03mm -- 0.4mm.  In the thickness of 0.02mm PET film two glue three flexible display effect is still quite good.  

• The design speed is 150 meters per minute, to ensure the normal operation speed of 120 meters per minute, in the national standard requirements of overprinting accuracy to meet the conditions of ±0.1 mm, ensure the special material overprinting control in ±0.05 mm, the other ordinary material overprinting control in ±0.03 mm.  

• Budget halved:  

• Adjust offset printing and flexo printing presentation mode according to printing process transformation, select different plate making mode, reduce production cost as much as possible and improve production efficiency  

• Add or reduce the color group at any time, without replacing the full set of equipment, can realize the upgrade of equipment.  While saving capital investment, the value of old equipment can also be reflected with maximum effectiveness.

Get the best results with the least budget, Half done is twice done .This is the modular printing solution from Bada . A "bountiful future" with forward-looking technology.

The new rotary intelligent combination machine will certainly provide a new and joyful printing experience for the "extraordinary explorers" who are determined and control the pattern.  

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