1. 1. From the discharge to the receipt of the short distance.

  2. 2. The ceramic stick is equipped with a scraper, which is printed and moist, and has a clear color.

  3. 3. The structure of printing station adopt petal type, one servo motor driven each printing color station.

  4. 4.  using servo motor control automatic registration system.

  5. 5. PLC controller operating.

  6. 6. Water-based ink (UV ink) printing, pollution-free, environmentally friendly, printing speed varies according to the network cable, the speed is also different, the fastest speed of printing labels is 150 meters per minute.

  7. 7. Printing bills, labels, cardboard, high-grade stickers, clothing tags, etc.

  8. 8. Printing materials: paper 20~250g/m2 self-adhesive soft coil and other materials.

  9. 9. Process:  a) discharging    b) automatic constant tension    c) scraper    d) printing unit    e) traction    f) automatic constant tension    g) center receiving

  10. ModelModel 330Model 420
    Printing Speed180m/min180m/min
    Max. Web Width330mm450mm
    Max. Printing Width340mm460mm
    Max. Unwinding Diameter1000mm1000mm
    Max. Rewinding Diameter
    Printing Girth
    Precision of Registering


The machine can finish material-feeding, printing, varnish, drying, laminating, rewinding and die-cutting in one process is an ideal machine for printing note and top-grade adhesive label.

Printed Sample:






Standard Configuration

1. Unwinding Unit  1set

♦ 1 set servo motor

♦ Magnetic Powder Brake --- cooperated with Tension Control System

♦ Max unwinding and rewind material diameter: 600mm

♦ 3inch Air shaft (it can change other size Air shaft, 1inch, 1.5inch, 2inch)

♦ Fast inflating air gun (also can customize air inflating automatically function)

♦ Unwinding vector motor tension control system

♦ Optional: separate unwinding rack with pneumatic feed



2. Auto Web Guide System 1set --- EURODOW BRAND

♦  1 set of paper splice table, With Pneumatic Holders

♦  Detection mode: Ultrasonic Sensor

♦  Precision: ±0.1mm

♦  Closed-loop control system

♦  Test method: Edge

♦  Electronic paper web guide traction device, there was a small offset paper web movement, the system can accurately continuously revised.



3.  Tension Control System and Configuration

♦  Rubber rollers for feeding

♦  MITSUBISHI Auto Constant Tension Controller -2sets, one for unwinding, the other is for rewinding.

♦  Magnetic Powder Brake & Clutch

♦  Dual pressure roller pressure feeding together



4. Printing Color Unit --- 8 units

♦  8 Set Servo Motor, 1set per Unit

♦  Printing width: 320mm

♦  Max Printing Area: 320*600mm

♦  Printing repeat range: 180~600mm

♦  Printing Station Comes with Ink Rubber Roller, Ceramic Anilox Cylinder, Printing Plate Cylinder, Scrapper Blade and Ink container.

♦  Helical Gear

♦ The Rubber roller of the flexo printing machine can break away automatically while parking, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid water being dried.

♦  Anilox Cylinder Pneumatic Clutch to leave plate from ceramic anilox cylinder when machine is stop. It can protect the printing plate.

♦  Ceramic anilox roller ---1 set (8pcs), can take more according exactly requirement.

♦  Printing cylinder ---1 set (8pcs), can take more according exactly requirement.

♦  Ceramic anilox roller: LPI can be chosen from 150LPI ~ 1000LPI

♦  Printing cylinder: Circumference can be chosen from 180mm~600mm

♦  Doctor blade

♦  Gear: 1/8 inch

♦  Automatic printing plate cleaning function: after the screen roller is released from pressure every time the machine stops, the plate roller continues to rotate for 1.5 seconds to transfer the ink on the printing plate to the paper to keep the printing plate clean.

♦  Full runout of anilox roller, plate roller and bottom roller: ≤0.003mm





5. IR Drying Unit / UV Drying Unit

♦ Each Printing Unit comes with 1unit Infrared Heating Drying Oven (standard)

♦ Infrared heating drying oven is placed on material and after each printing station.

♦ Imported Heating Lamb is fixed in each Infrared Heating Drying Oven.

♦ Optional can use UV / LED UV Drying Oven.



6. Laminating Unit

♦  3inch air shaft

♦  Feed by motor


7. Die Cutting Unit --- 1 Unit

♦ Gear: CP 1/8 inch

♦ 1 set servo motor per die cutting station

♦ Cooperated with magnetic cylinder and flexible dies sheet. But they need customization according to your label size. The cost of magnetic and Dies are excluded in the quotation.

♦ 3inch air shaft for waste matrix rewind (standard size, can optional with 1inch, 1.5inch & 2inch)



8. Rewinding unit

♦ 1 set servo motor

♦ Magnetic Powder Clutch -- Cooperated with tension control system

♦ Max unwind material diameter: 600mm

♦ 3inch air shaft (standard size, can optional with 1inch, 1.5inch & 2inch)

♦ Fast inflating air gun (can do customize air inflating automatically function)

♦ Rewinding vector motor tension control system


9. Control Panel

♦ Power Supply, Stop Button, Start Button and Emergency Stop.  


♦ Anilox Roller Rotation Button for each Printing Station

♦ Length Counter and Speed Controller


10. Camera Monitor System

♦ Standard with Chinese Kesai Brand

♦ Optional: BST Brand from Germany




11. Turn Bar

♦ Movable model turn bar for back side printing, more convenient adjustable.









Reference Machine pictures:




Note: the pictures are just for reference, the actual machine maybe a litter difference for different configuration requirement, thanks for your understanding. 

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