Several important application areas of the label market

Quality is the first demand of the label market: tobacco, alcohol, daily chemicals, food industry are several important application areas of labels.

Quality is the first demand of the label market: tobacco, alcohol, daily chemicals, food industry are several important application areas of labels.

Cigarette labels. Cigarette label is the most important part of the label industry offset printing machine, although the label industry knows that cigarette label is a very profitable field, but without certain qualifications, the general label printing company is difficult to get involved in it. The process of cigarette label printing is mainly gravure printing and offset printing, and there are also a small number of flexo printing, but it is still in a position of picking up the missing parts.

Wine labels. In addition to gravure printing in beer label printing, high-end alcohol labels are the world of offset printing. The fine small dot printing of offset printing process is incomparable with other processes at present.

Daily chemical labels. Daily chemical products have high added value, exquisite packaging requirements and high profit margins. Daily chemical label with self-adhesive material as the main substrate, flexo printing and embossing printing is its main printing process CTP, in addition, cold/hot bronzing, concave and convex embossing, local screen printing UV glazing, gravure printing and offset printing fine dot modification, etc. are reflected in the daily chemical label. It can be said that a small self-adhesive label carries a variety of processes. Nowadays, the competition between flexo printing and embossing has begun to be clear, as evidenced by the trend of high-end daily chemical labels shifting from embossing to flexography.

Food labels. Food self-adhesive label cosmetic packaging based on flexo printing and embossed printing, such as meat packaging, is mainly packaged with high barrier film and decorated with exquisite self-adhesive labels. At present, flexible packaging is mainly suitable for low-end products, and the packaging of high-end products will be published digitally in other forms such as bottles and cans, and equipped with exquisite self-adhesive labels. Compared with daily chemical labels, food labels will be a huge market, with many varieties, large dosages, and short life cycle of labels. Although food labels are not yet comparable to daily chemical labels in terms of fineness, the consumption is incomparable to the latter. The development and development of the food label market will bring more medium and long versions of self-adhesive labels, which is more conducive to the development of flexo printing. Therefore, food labels will become a new growth point for flexo labels.

It can be seen that the primary pursuit of labels is quality. Therefore, wire processing, high-precision dots, stable color difference control, and exquisite multi-process are the most basic requirements of label users. The process of self-adhesive labels from 120~133 lines/inch printing plate 10 years ago to the current use of 150~175 line/inch printing plate is a very good example. In the future, the development of labels will not be like flexible packaging to low-end, popular, exquisite and even luxury will be its development direction.

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