DBJY-320/450 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Press

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The DBJY-320 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine is a powerful and versatile machine that can help you to improve your label printing operations. With its high print quality, efficient operation, and wide range of features, the DBJY-320 is a valuable asset for any label printer....

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The DBJY-320 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine is a high-performance machine designed for the production of high-quality labels in a wide range of applications. It is equipped with the latest servo control system, heavy-duty printing units, and a variety of optional configurations to meet the diverse needs of label printers.

Key Features

  • Latest servo control system ensures stable and accurate material feeding.
  • Heavy-duty printing units deliver high print quality and long service life.
  • Shaftless driving system minimizes gear marks and ghost images.
  • Video inspecting system ensures precise color registration.
  • Touch screen control system provides easy and intuitive operation.
  • Variety of optional configurations to meet specific needs.


Maximum Substrate Width320mm
Maximum Printing Width300mm
Maximum Printing Length350mm
Maximum Printing Speed50~180 rpm/min
Maximum Unwinding Diameter700mm
Maximum Rewinding Diameter600mm
Printing Colors6 colors
Power Supply3 Phase 380V
Total Power35KW (without UV power)
Machine Dimension (LWH)12550 * 1600 * 1800mm
Machine WeightAbout 10500KGS

Standard Configuration

  • Unwinding Unit
  • Web Guide System
  • Heavy Offset Printing Unit
  • Shaftless Driving System
  • Video Inspecting System
  • Touch Screen Control System
  • Printing Unit Control Panel
  • Computer Ink Control System
  • Rewinding Unit

Optional Configuration

  • Second Pass Register Sensor
  • Cold Foiling Unit
  • Rotary Die Cutting Unit
  • Flexo UV Vanishing Unit with Chamber System
  • Delam/Relam Unit
  • Screen Printing Unit


  • Increased productivity: The machine's high printing speed and efficient operation can help you to increase your productivity and meet tight deadlines.
  • Improved print quality: The machine's precise servo control system and high-quality printing units ensure that your labels are printed to the highest standards.
  • Reduced waste: The machine's features, such as the video inspecting system and shaftless driving system, help to reduce waste and save you money.
  • Greater versatility: The machine's wide range of optional configurations allows you to customize it to meet your specific needs and print a variety of labels.


The DBJY-320 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine is suitable for a wide range of label printing applications, including:

  • Product labels
  • Packaging labels
  • Shipping labels
  • Warning labels
  • Instructional labels
  • Promotional labels

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